etesting (earlier Test India & Test Squad) is company dedicated to testing with primary focus of giving Value Added Services to Multimedia Industry in the field of Testing. The company specializes in Testing of Multimedia Products such as E-learning products, Intranet Sites/Applications, CD-ROMS, Websites, etc. We have capabilities of testing products on all major Windows and Mac OS.

The company also offers its services as a consultant for creating internal Testing Department for Multimedia companies.

While most of the Testing companies worldwide are concentrating on Software testing there is a big vacuum for testing in the Multimedia Industry. It is always assumed that it is not so necessary to test a Multimedia products as they are always considered inferior (not of high value) to Software products, and could not be more damaging then the Software products. We always felt the other way, as most of the Multimedia products cater to wide range of age group and have no sex/age bar. They are also ambassadors of there companies image/name and reputation with it, so when it reaches to the customer or a prospective customer they should be most user friendly with minimum or no bugs. A bad designed Multimedia product can be equally if not more damaging to the companies reputation.

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